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Apocalypse 2012: a scientific investigation into civilization’s end
Lawrence E. Joseph
Non-fiction, 261 pages
As any fan of the radio show, Coast to Coast AM, will tell you, cataclysmic changes will occur when the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. On February 8, 2007, Lawrence E. Joseph appeared on that show to discuss his book, “Apocalypse 2012: a scientific investigation into civilization’s end.” Joseph’s arguments were cogent and well researched.

The ancient Mayans made careful measurements of star movements and used these to devise an extremely precise calendar. On December 21, 2012, a 5,125-year period, known to the Mayans as the fourth sun, will end and a new age will begin. On this date the solar system will eclipse the center (or womb) of the galaxy, blocking its view from earth. For a short while, the eclipse will block forces emanating from the galactic center from reaching earth. Some believe that the birth of the new age will bring both enlightenment and destruction. Lawrence E. Joseph investigates a number of apocalyptic scenarios, which could occur on, or about, 2012.

One scenario features the Yellowstone Caldera, overdue to erupt by thousands of years. When this Tokyo size caldera erupts, it could cover a multi-state region with volcanic ash. The ash would block sunlight over a period of years, cooling the climate and causing starvation over much of the Northern hemisphere. Is it reasonable to consider Yellowstone overdue to erupt when the interval between eruptions numbers hundreds of thousands of years? Scientists think that since 1922, Yellowstone Caldera has risen three fourths of a meter. That’s a lot of movement. Does this mean Yellowstone will soon erupt? No one knows.

South African psychic, Anne Stander believes oil drilling in Yellowstone must cease immediately, however the Bush administration thinks another ten thousand wells will be fine.

Even more frightening is the scenario predicted by prominent Russian geophysicist, Alexey Dmitriev. Based on data originally gathered by Voyager and on more recent data, Dmitriev and his colleague, Vladimir B. Baranov, believe that the solar system has entered a more highly energized region of space. This turbulent region is beginning to affect the sun, and therefore us here on earth. The solar system will remain in this interstellar energy cloud for the next 3,000 years. The cloud is making the sun hotter and stormier and has already caused climate changes on several planets. Life on earth could become unsustainable in fewer than ten years.

Unbelievable? Consider this. People have observed the sun for hundreds of years and it is well established that the sun observes a cycle averaging eleven years. At solar maximum, sun spots are common; at solar minimum they are rare. Sun spots, which are planet size magnetic storms, were common in 2005. So too were the resulting coronal mass ejections, proton storms which can interfere with radio transmissions and damage satellites. What is unusual about the sun’s 2005 stormy activity is that it occurred close to solar minimum. The next solar maximum will occur in 2012. If the sun can be so stormy at solar minimum, how will it behave at solar maximum?

Luckily, we have our magnetic field to protect us from coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Or do we? Scientists speculate that the earth may be undergoing a magnetic pole reversal. During the course of this reversal the earth’s magnetic field will become weaker, increasing the danger from CMEs. Scientists in South Africa have already measured California size cracks in the earth’s magnetic field. Magnetic pole reversals take a thousand years or so. During the course of reversals, multiple poles develop, disrupting navigation for migratory birds and animals. Worse, the earth’s magnetic field weakens, and our protection from CMEs diminishes.

In 1934, Edgar Cayce prophesied a rapid shifting of the poles and the rising and sinking of major landmasses. William Hutton, a geologist, believes that the earth’s mantle and crust is currently shifting over its core. This mantle shift mechanism is causing a material, rather than magnetic, polar shift. If he’s right, Cayce’s alarming prediction could soon occur. And if it does, we won’t have to worry about the mess that mankind has inflicted on the planet. Who knows, it might come out better this way.